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4s Production Video production team based in Tokyo

We have produced over 600 videos in 6 years.


Based on that experience, we will make suggestions for video production.

かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成



i want to make a video

かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成


4s Production

かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成


model, performer

かっこいい 動画 作成

shooting location

4s Production








for smile


What is 4s Production?

Effective video production based on statistics, psychology, and video science

statisticsSuggestions based on

What are the lifestyles of the target group?

What SNS do you use the most?

What kind of videos work best?


Clarifying target behavior!

Based on target age, gender ratio, and hobbies

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

"What kind of video and where should be used effectively?"


かっこいい 動画 作成
かっこいい 動画 作成

psychologySuggestions based on

I don't know what kind of video...

I want to do something like this, but I'm not sure if it works...


Proposing videos that match the target

Video production according to target attributes

Proposal of "composition that reacts unintentionally"

Animation scienceSuggestions based on

かっこいい 動画 作成

What are your favorite videos lately?

Are vertical videos really effective?


It's important to match the audience, not the purpose!

Video production with ideas

Proposals tailored to your budget based on other companies' cases and trendy videos!

Proposals that are familiar with the trends of the times

*Video Studies: Web video marketing as seen by video directors

4s Production…

かっこいい 動画 作成

4s Production  

Atsushi Nakazawa [Representative]

April 1, 2014 [Date of establishment]

[Business description]

Video production / shooting / editing / drone (aerial photography)

Arrangement of narration/model/shooting location  

[Qualifications, awards, etc.]

Misoca ambassador ambassador  

Lancer of the Year 2016 Winner  
Google Digital Marketing Certification  

​Google certified photographer   

4s Production 中沢 淳
Photo by: Keisuke Nakamura

[Production results]

・The University of Tokyo  

​・ZOZO Co., Ltd.  

・Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.  

・Showa Shell Oil Co., Ltd.  

・En Japan Co., Ltd.  

・Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.  ​

・Benesse Corporation  

・Meiji Yasuda Life  

・ Recruit Co., Ltd.  

・RIZAP Co., Ltd.  

   ・CHINTAI Co., Ltd.  

・Under Armor (Dome Co., Ltd.)  

・Japan Professional Soccer League (J League)  

etc in no particular order  

  (*Including shooting only)  

[Business partner company]

LOCUS Inc.  

Krevo Co., Ltd.  

・Fine Pros Co., Ltd.  

4s Production Press Release

Consultation is free. Please feel free to contact us.

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